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August 26, 2023Private event. Portola Valley.
October 7, 20235:30-8:30pmSavannah Chanelle Vineyards, Saratoga, CA.
All welcome. $20 for non-members. (You should have joined the winery in May!)
October 13, 2023 5pm to 7pm“DAY of the HORSE”, Sotheby’s parking lot, 2989 Woodside Road,
Woodside, CA. Everyone welcome.
October 14, 20233;00-6:00pmHorse Park, Sand Hill Road, Woodside CA
Everyone welcome.
November 18, 20238-11pmIron Gate – Belmont, CA. Everyone welcome!
December 18, 20236pmPrivate event – Sweetwater – Mill Valley, CA
December 22, 20236pmPrivate event – Brookdale – Redwood City CA
December 23, 20233-6pmUnion Square – San Francisco, CA – Everyone welcome